The coach

Hamid Ziaei


  • 40 years old
  • 19 years of experience
  • Physiology and sports nutrition expert
  • She has an international coaching certificate from the National Olympic Academy and a 2nd degree coaching certificate from the Federation.
  • The champion of several national competitions in the fields of body building, body classic, physics and fitness modeling in Iran.
  • Two consecutive years in the national team
  • Attending the tournament four times
  • Mr. Olympia, Arnold Classic and Diamond Cup in Spain and Portugal and 3 times in Iran's Diamond Cup World Championships and being among the top four
  • The natural champion of the 1400 muscle style competition

Bodybuilding (at different levels of bodybuilding, physics, etc.)


Crossfit (multiple physical fitness)


Resistance training courses (TRX, Pilates, etc.)


Aerobic classes (spinning, Zumba, etc.)