the coach

Benjamin Tari

  • 33 years old
  • 13 years of experience
  • A degree equivalent to a doctorate in exercise physiology
  • She has a fitness grade A degree from QAL England and programming and science of exercise and corrective movements and body building from Iran.
  • gold and silver medal mr olympia sanmarino pro
  • Ural Ukraine Grand Prix World Cup
  • Ural Ukraine nabba world cup
  • gold and silver medal mister model 2019 Ukraine World Cup
  • Grade trx A and crossfit instructor from Germany tuff
  • Kyo Kyokushin Matsushima Karate Black Belt
  • Specialist in martial arts

Bodybuilding (at different levels of bodybuilding, physics, etc.)


Crossfit (multiple physical fitness)


Resistance training courses (TRX, Pilates, etc.)


Aerobic classes (spinning, Zumba, etc.)

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