In this section, you will read some of the questions that have been asked many times by different users. If you do not find the answer to your question in this section, you can ask your question by contacting us and receive your answer as soon as possible.

How can you track a program that has been delayed by using the tracking code?

Enter your tracking code in the contact us field and write tracking in the subject field so that we can investigate the reason for the delay, it is worth noting that there is no need to follow up earlier than one week.

How can I ask my questions to my trainer after receiving the program?

After receiving the program, you can send your questions to your instructor via email and receive your answer about three to four days later, and if your question is urgent, you can include the title “Urgent” in the subject of the email to process it faster. accept

What will be the payment method?

Or, after completing the information in the last step, leave the deposit information box empty and press the register button, in which case you will be connected to the bank portal for online payment, or if you previously paid by card to the given account number, in The last step is to write the date, time and last four digits of your card in the deposit information section and press the register button

Is it necessary to order an analysis every time?

Yes, every analysis is done with your new sizes and your progress is compared with previous times

What are the costs?

In the lower part of the website registration form, the fee table is included according to the trainer and the service you want, and note that paying the analysis fee is mandatory if you choose any of the options.

I do my own sport and I do it three days a week. Can I get a meal plan from you that is suitable for the amount of exercise I do in a week?

Yes, we calculate the amount of calories you need per day based on several components and separate the amount of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fat related to it. One of these components is the amount of your sports activities per week.

I am a beginner and I don't know how to do the exercises and how they work, how can I get this information from my trainer remotely?

All the programs that are created by the trainer with the exercise design board include full explanations, educational images and the anatomy of the effect of the movements on the body, which will guide you in doing them correctly.

How can my trainer be aware of my physical condition without seeing me in person and plan my training and nutrition accordingly?

The science of coaching, recognizing and analyzing the body includes complex but accurate formulas that provide the coach with valuable information by calculating the ratio of different body sizes to each other, but these formulas require time, precision and high concentration, which are usually calculated for coaches. It is not possible, but my coach’s intelligent system with its exclusive algorithm automatically not only calculates these formulas, but also takes a result from them and draws the exact physical condition of the person for the coach so that he can identify the strengths and weaknesses. He will be informed and plan based on this information.

When should the renewal of the programs be done?

The programs can be used for as long as you like, but since the body gets used to them between four and six weeks after the start of the exercises, it is better to order a new program according to the progress of the body.

Is the training and nutrition plan designed automatically by the computer or by the trainer?

Only body analysis requires complex calculations by the system with intelligent algorithm, but the training and nutrition program design will be done formally and with high precision by the expert trainer.

What should be done to be analyzed and receive the program?

You must go to the site with a computer and Chrome browser, press the start button and write the answers to all the steps and register your order and receive a tracking code.

After placing the order, how long should I wait to receive the program?

The orders of each of the coaches in this series are registered in the waiting line and they are dealt with in turn. Since the design of each program will take about one to two hours, depending on the number of requests, the waiting period to receive the program varies between one and two weeks.