“The Morabiman technology is a wonder that combines sums and steps, merging the science of body building and information technology.”
Coded and developed by Alireza Babazadeh, information technology engineer and highly experienced coach in this field, this technology which took more than ten years to refine, is unparalleled in the world and revolutionizes online-coaching.
To briefly define this technology, it should be mentioned that its first wonder is accurate figure analysis by only calculating the proportions between the sizes of different body parts, and a specialized algorithm which together they yield detailed information ranging from body composition all the way to the strengths and weaknesses of the client to their coach.
This way, the coach can gain thorough information of the client’s physical condition without even seeing a single photo and hence, can plan the trainings and nutrition.
More interestingly, by mere calculation, this system’s analyzer can conduct examinations on the person to identify health risks such as fatty liver so measures can be taken for further investigation.
But wait, there’s more!
This technology provides the coaches with powerful panels through the use of which they can coordinate their apprentices’ trainings to make them even more effective than the performance of on-site trainers. This feat is accomplished through the removal of human error particular to coaches, and by analyzing the plan devised by the coach it determines how much each part of the body has been tended to, what training systems need to be utilized, and which parts need more attention.
Even if the person in question has deformities such as genu varum, Kyphosis, round shoulder or other skeletal deformities, they can be identified and the system will suggest steps to the coach in order to modify the training program. Furthermore, if the person is suffering from injuries such as Lumbar disk, Ligament tear, muscle injuries and so forth, the system will automatically prevent possible errors on coach’s part while designing the training program and prevents the application of trainings which risk aggravating the condition.
Along with this system a wide range of training exercises as well as classification based on muscles or muscle groups are presented to the coach so they can make the correct decisions concerning training plan design while the system guides them step by step all the way to a perfect design.
More noteworthy is the fact that the program which is designed by the coach and sent to their client not only contains complete explanation for each training exercise including the number of sets, repetitions, and rest period or even the intensity or the rhythm of each exercise, but it also visually pinpoints the effect area for each exercise and teaches the trainee how to do it using animations.
Regarding nutrition planning, the system takes into account numerous factors including the daily level of activity and the intensity of the training considered by the coach, the body type of the client, the method adopted by the coach to ensure the client’s improvement, and many more data to calculate their food chart so that the best result can be achieved from maintain the diet alongside with doing the trainings.
Even after planning the diet, this system reminds the coach of any food allergy or drug interaction between the person’s medication and the supplements prescribed by the coach and calculates the perfect dosage of supplements based on the person’s physical condition.
To conclude, it must be maintained that this technology provides the coach with anything and everything they might need to analyze and design while accompanying the person at the training grounds like an on-site trainer.