It means to have someone’s air as a training opponent when lifting weights


The barbell bar, on which the weights are mounted, is available in different shapes

Battle Rope

It is called exercises in which you engage your muscles by creating a wave in the heavy rope


It is called exercises that aim to increase the heart rate, which mainly includes aerobic exercises


The weight of the disc is said to start from one and twenty-five hundredths and up

Clip or Collar

A clip that is placed on the barbell after the disc to prevent the weight from falling

Shredded or Ripped

A person’s body is said to have very little fat while being muscular, and the lines between the muscles and veins are clear


A barbell is said to be used either with a long bar for pressing exercises or with a medium bar for exercises such as forearms


They call the weights of the device, which are generally cube-shaped and placed on top of each other

Barbell Step-up

A suitable exercise for the muscles of the buttocks, tailor and quadriceps

Explosive Jumping Alternating Lunges

Intermittent lunge movement and switching legs with jumps, very suitable for both quadriceps and leg hamstrings

Bench Flutter Kicks

It is a movement that is not only useful for beautifying the leg and hip muscles, but also has a very beneficial effect on the abdominal muscles

Wheel Rollout

The roll movement is one of the effective but difficult exercises for the central muscles of the body, especially the abdominal muscles

Explosive Jumping Alternating Lunges

Try to prepare your food only by grilling, cooking or steaming and avoid frying food.


A movement to strengthen the loin muscle, which is one of the central muscles


The pain caused by exercise (pain after exercise) is said to last between 24 and 72 hours, and in such cases, doing light aerobics will solve the problem much sooner…

Lying Oblique Reach

Lying side movement in which we alternately touch the heels of the feet


Probiotics are useful bacteria that are obtained from dairy products and fruits and improve the digestive system and produce some vitamins and antibiotics.

Rep – Repetition

It is called the number of repetitions of movement or weight in each set