My trainer group was formed with the participation of Alireza Babazadeh and Benyamin Jahormi, and for the first time in the country, it solved the problem of lack of access to professional trainers, deception by profiteers, and spending a lot of time and money to find a solution and bodybuilding training, and the conditions It is provided that the users are analyzed as soon as possible by experts in this matter and receive a program that is provided by official trainers and design experts with sufficient explanations and training.

Calculated examination and analysis of the body

Correct analysis and scientific study on physical fitness requires rich science, high accuracy and sufficient time. These three things are usually not available for club trainers, and they are satisfied with the observation method to check the body of their students, and never accurately measure the physical condition of their students. They are not informed. My trainer’s portal with the support of SmartGym intelligent system enables the scientific analysis of the body and provides detailed reports for both the trainer and the person.

Effective planning

Progress in bodybuilding after accurate knowledge of the body requires integrated planning of exercise and nutrition, because the effect of exercise is calculated depending on nutrition, and calculation of nutrition requires sufficient information about the physical condition and intensity of exercises, while knowing the current state of the body using The technology of my trainer is provided and an advanced panel for designing training and nutrition and calculating weights and food supplements is available to the trainers of my trainer team.

Full presentation and training programs

It is not always possible to access skilled and expert trainers in person, and to use their knowledge and time, it is necessary to spend a lot of money and time, but my trainer system removes this limitation and allows users to access it in all parts of the country or abroad. It has been made available to educated and experienced trainers, so that after a detailed examination of the applicant’s body and designing a calculated program of his training and nutrition, they present these programs to him in a format that can be implemented on a mobile phone. And it includes detailed explanations, implementation training and determining the impact location of each movement on the anatomy of the body.

Alireza Babazadeh

Designer and architect of the smart club system and my coach portal

Alireza Babazadeh, an information technology engineer and the official trainer of the Federation, who has more than ten years of continuous activity in both categories, succeeded in inventing a special technology by merging two different knowledges, which not only greatly increases the trainer’s information about his client, but coaching through It also provides distance in the best possible way. This technology is offered in the form of a software system called Smart Club, which can be used and operated by coaches, and the “My Coach” portal is a window for communication between customers and coaches equipped with this system.

Benjamin Jahormi

Asia’s first professional physique athlete

Benyamin Jahormi, a professional athlete of the World Bodybuilding Federation in the field of physics and the champion of the American Arnold Classic in 2015, who also has a teaching experience at Tafe University, participated in my coach project to increase its efficiency.