“Morabie Man” is a virtual space where “your trainer” remotely analyzes and checks your body even more accurately than face-to-face trainers and estimates the exact distance between you and your ideal body, while testing your ability by planning exercises and Nutrition and training on how to perform exercises will accompany you until you reach your dream. Using smart gym technology, “My Trainer” can provide an accurate report of your current condition and determine which part of the body is the best. You need to reduce or increase the size by a few centimeters to achieve perfect beauty.

The exercise program can be presented to the students along with pictures and explanations of the training of each movement and shows the place of their effect on the anatomy of the body. The nutrition plan is also designed according to your physical condition and current conditions and according to the goal you have ahead of you after calculating the amount of nutritional values such as calories, fiber, protein, fat and carbohydrates in a menu with the right to choose. Do not feel hungry or resentful during the diet and during it all the nutrients, vitamins and nutritional values will reach your body in the required amount.

This system has been tested by thousands of people and your trainer is considered to be your best private trainer with great patience and low cost.