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Morabie Man Team

Alireza Babazadeh

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

IFBB International Fitness Coach

Inventor of the Online Coaching Technology


Benjamin Jahormi

First professional Men’s Physique Pro champion in Asia

The Arnold Classic Champion of Champions

TAFE fitness instructor


Fateme Marandi

Nasm personal trainer certification
Nasm mobility certification
Neuro pilates body hack


Abtin Shukrabi

Bachelor of Sports Physiology

Two-time Olympian


Akbar Sarbaz

Coaching certification issued by National Olympic Academy

Decorated sportsman with more than ten valid championships


Benjamin Tari

Certification equivalent to a PHD in Exercise Physiology

Championship of Mr. Olympia and Grand Prix


Hamid Ziaei

Bachelor of Physiology and Sports Nutrition

Coaching certification issued by National Olympic Academy

Level 2 Coaching certification issued by the Iranian Federation


Siavash Sadeghzadeh

Official Coach in Iran Bodybuilding Federation


Ideal Physique

Our Services

Organ analysis

“Morabie Man” with its innovative and unique technology, only by calculating the ratio of body sizes through scientific methods, examines the body and describes the body’s condition and weaknesses without the need to see it in person.

Health examination

After a complete body analysis and clinical history examination, “Morabie man” estimates the level of health and the risks associated with it, and provides possible required tests and relevant suggestions.

Calculation of supplements

If you want to take nutritional supplements, “Morabie man” will calculate the type and amount of supplements according to the needs of each person’s body

Teaching exercises

The program designed by “Morabie man” is accompanied by pictures and educational explanations of each movement and determines the place of influence of the movements on the anatomy of the body.

Nutrition planning

According to the current condition of the body and the final goal, “Morabie man” calculates and sends an easy and effective meal plan with the hypocaloric method.

Exercise planning

According to the results of the body analysis and the desired goal, “Morabie man” designs and sends an effective training program that can be displayed on the mobile phone.

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Conditions for Gentlemen and Ladies

  • All sizes and information received for body analysis will be reserved for both women and men
  • There is no obligation to send a picture or visit in person for analysis, and only by calculating the ratio of your body sizes, the necessary information will be obtained with scientific methods, while women can register their request by choosing a female trainer.

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Our Services

In this video, you will get to know how to interview, analyze and beautify the body of VIP members of my trainer before designing training and nutrition

Sample interview and analysis of VIP members
VIP and member analysis

In this video, from zero to one hundred, you will see the body analysis, aesthetics, examination of abnormalities, exercise design, nutrition, etc. in brief, which was done for one of Mr. Babazadeh’s English-speaking clients, so that you can get to know the process and style of my coach.

Sample planning
For foreign customers